Speech 2 Analysis Essay

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Billie Tedford
Ms. Glasbrenner
ENG 1440 AAW1
18 March 2015
Speech 2 Self-Analysis
I felt that in my second speech I was a little more relaxed even though I was getting over the flu, I felt I did better that Speech 1. I covered my three credible sources and informed my audience about the terrorist attacks in at Charlie Hebdo, in Paris, France. Such as NBC News has stated that 17 people were killed in the terror attacks that began on Wednesday with the massacre at the offices of French satirical magazine. I started off with my introduction as to my speech being about the Charlie Hebdo attack, the terrorist attack in Paris, and telling my audience detail into the attack.
I felt like I did accomplish my goals in keeping my audience informed and intrigued in my speech. I provided an introduction, for example; my speech is about the Charlie Hebdo attack, the terrorist attack in Paris. Charlie Hebdo is a French magazine that is known for its strong satire of all aspects of culture in the modern world. This has included cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed that have portrayed him in a negative light. I also provided a conclusion during my speech, such as; in conclusion, I have discussed the recent anti-terrorism protests in the nation of France. It began with a description of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, proceeded to discuss the protests and the aftermath of the protest, and finally reflected on the relevant moral implications. A key conclusion that has been reached here is that modern people who protest the terrorist attack operate on the basis of moral and…