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Good Morning I am jack hook and today I am going to be talking to you about a poem titled “The road not taken” which was written by an American poet named Robert Frost, and a book titled “ tomorrow when the war began” which was written by and Australian writer named John Marsden. Throughout my speech will be describing and explaining what the physical journey’s are represented and how the composers have used a variety of filmic and language features to show this to the reader.

Journey. Journeys could be taken for many different reasons, not just specifically what kind of journey that will be taken , but also why would one take a journey. A journey can have negative and positive results. These results are the outcomes from obstacles and problems that are faced while on a journey.

Even the smallest journeys can have the biggest effect on someone’s life, and one journey can lead to many journeys. I believe that those 2 sentences can simply be related to the Poem “ the road not taken”.

In the last stanzy , starting from line 19 Frost quotes ” I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”. This states that in life you should not be a follower of someone else’s choices or decisions , and by being your own person it will make all the difference towards the outcome of your goals.

In the first paragraph of the poem “the road not taken” . Frost creatively describes a vision. A vision of one road diverging into two split separate roads. This fork in the road demonstrates that there are two ways or options one could take while on this journey.

When Frost says “long I stood, and looked down as far as I could, to where it bent into the undergrowth” this demonstrates that one of the roads if taken , would be leading into the unknown. As you wouldn’t know what was around the corner of the undergrowth.

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