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Ask any racer, any real racer, it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winnings winning. If you don’t know where that quote was from it was from the movie the fast and furious. Today I am going to talk to you about what happens in street racing and why people find it so much fun. A large percentage of people are into the race scene here in the united states and other countries. The strongest race scene in the US would be southern California, it is considered to be the birth place of north American drag racing. Florida is also known for popular street racing, mainly in south by Miami and palm beach. Laws have become more strict due to the increase of people getting hurt, or worse death to themselves and others. Anti street laws have more consequences than a traffic citation. In this day and age it can be counted as a misdemeanor for just simply spectating the race in front of you and not stopping it. Which no one ever does, besides the cops of course. I on the other hand got lucky in this type of situation, I went to an old airport where a lot of people would go and drag race. The second time I went the cops came and surrounded the road so we couldn’t attempt to leave, since there was roughly 50 cars there and they didn’t see anyone actually racing we all got let off somewhat easy. I got 4 points on my liscense, a 400 dollar ticket, and a trespassing warning. In southern California if you get caught racing your car will be impounded, and either destruct the vehicle or revoke license. You are not allowed to modify your car with window tinting, removal of muffler or anything else, and ground clearance; which is lowering or raising of vehicle. In other countries the anti street laws are more linient, take Australia for instance, they call the street racers hoons, or boy racers in new Zealand. It began in the…