Speech and Eye Contact Essay

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Research Paper #5
Shekela Jones
East Mississippi Community College

According to the text, good delivery does not call attention to itself. It conveys the speaker’s ideas clearly, interestingly, and without distracting the audience. When planning your first speech, you should concentrate on such basics as speaking intelligibly, avoiding, distracting mannerisms, and establishing eye contact with your listeners. Your voice and body are tools that can be used to produce your message. The impact of delivery style on the effectiveness of a presentation is not to be underestimated. The key to developing an effective delivery is to practice A LOT. You should become more aware of what you are doing with you voice and body and then work on becoming comfortable with incorporating some new strategies, such as more vocal emphasis or moving throughout the space more effectively. You can follow the four basic steps to make sure that you deliver a good speech. The first step is reading from a manuscript. Most speeches should be delivered word for word. Even delivering a speech from a manuscript requires great skills. Practice your speech out loud, and also work on eye contact with your audience.
The second step is reciting from memory. Anytime a speaker is giving a speech, and they cannot remember the information needed, they tend to look away from their audience so they can get a clear memory of they are to remember.
The third step is speaking impromptu. These…