Speech: Bellevue Redmen Football Essay

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I’d like to start by giving all my thanks God for protecting my teammates, coaches, and me, my Parents, all of the Coaches, my
Teammates,The Gridiron Foundation, The Community, Laura Manning, Jake Schnee, Mr.
Schubert, Mr. Artino, Mr. Redmen, Mr. Meadows and Band, Mrs. Blum and cheerleaders,
Parents that helped with team feed, The Sabo’s, Mr. and Mrs. Meyers, Janitors who clean the field house, also the coaches wives and families.. for allowing the coaches to be away from them so much.

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Bellevue Redmen football player. As a kid, the thought of being on the Redmen football team was better than anything I could imagine. For us seniors, it seems like yesterday we were going to the football camps, and looking up to the varsity players. The next we thing we knew, we were the varsity players who were being looked up to. One thing I loved about being a part of this team was that we were truly a team. We did everything the same, unlike any other teams that we played, and I couldn’t imagine playing for a team that doesn’t do what we do. I can truly say that some of the greatest moments of my life so far have been the past four years in this program. Whether it was beating Perkins in the playoffs two years ago, or the
Huron game last year when Clay had his interception, or even the Keystone game this year.
Those are the moments I will never forget. It was an honor playing with these guys, they’re all…