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Martin Luther King's Freedom Speech on August 28th 1963
"I have a dream"! That is what millions of American people heard on August 28th 1963 as Dr. Martin Luther King addressed our nation in what was one of the largest political and freedom speeches of our time. He stood at the podium in front of the Lincoln Memorial and poured his heart out in every word he spoke. Passion flowed from him as he spoke of freedom, liberty and the equal rights that all people deserved, and that all men were created equal. Black people as well as White people deserved this. He stated he was there that day to express the hope he had for our country as a whole and for the country to not be segregated into classes of Race and Bigotry. He stood with a gentle but fierce power and gazed into the eyes of the crowd as he spoke his words of encouragement and enlightenment, and expressed what he believed God wanted for us, and how God wanted us to treat one another. He wanted all Negro's to be free from the chains that bound them to the cultural belief that slavery was an acceptable thing to do. He wanted unity of people, for black men and white men and black women and white women to unite, for children to play amongst each other and for none of them to judge each other by the color of skin. He believed that one day all he wished for would be a reality, that there would be no more sacrifices of Negro people, that they too would ride on buses with White people, that they too would eat in the same restaurants as White people, and there would be no more hate, no more police brutality to the Negro community and that they too would be treated equal. He also addressed the importance of holding no grudges toward another person for the events that have taken place, past and present, stating that racial tension comes from Black people as well as White people and that they as a Black community held the torch on racism as well and that it had to come to and end. He stood at the Lincoln Memorial and reminded the Nation of what Abraham Lincoln did 100 years ago when he freed the slaves, that even 100 years prior it