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Introduction Video The Susan G. Komen for the Cure campaign has been around for 31 years. They're widely known as a non-profit organization who accepts donations to send directly to find a cure for breast cancer - hence, "for the Cure". Their cause is just, and their methods for getting money for breast cancer research are reasonable. Today I'm going to explain to you those methods and why you should donate first to the Komen foundation rather than other companies or organizations who are researching cures for cancer.
Body 1 - True purpose of Komen As we all know, the Susan G. Komen foundation is a non-profit organization, centered solely around finding the cure for breast cancer. [chart, explain] Susan G. Komen for the Cure is a multi-million-dollar company with assets totaling over $390 million dollars (I will not be pinkwashed). Research (20.9%) [another chart] About 11% of total revenue actually goes toward finding a cure - treatment is for treating the symptoms, not the disease itself About $8.36 million yearly goes toward prevention, which, you'd think, would be the number one priority. Stop the cancer before it starts. That could very well be the cure for it as well; if you can get rid of the problem cells before they duplicate, you should be able to get rid of the duplicated cells the same way. Administration (11.3%) Anywhere from 60k to almost 600k -- more than an average doctor makes (I will not be pinkwashed) Public Health Education (39.1%) and fundraising (10%) Used as a form of advertising -- events bring in millions that are used to pay employees This isn't going toward curing cancer, it's just telling women that they can get it and that early detection is key. Which we all know about ANY type of cancer anyway, so it's really pointless to spend 39.1% of the income on it. Treatment (5.6%) Is this not the main reason the Komen foundation exists? Yet it appears that actually treating cancer is the least of their worries, since it doesn't even take up six percent of their revenue. Health Screening (13.0%) This includes mammograms and such, which are linked to a higher chance of developing cancer. Any kind of radiation gives patients a greater chance of getting cancer, and not only does Komen advocate it, they fund it. They'll do anything, as long as it's for the cure! Almost half of Komen's proceeds go toward advertising. A fifth to research, and hardly any of that is actually used for the cure. A tenth to their administration, and a tenth to heightening chances for getting cancer. A twentieth to treating those who have breast cancer. One twentieth. Yes, this is a multi-million dollar non-profit organization. Yes, their founding intent was to bring a stop to breast cancer. But what are they doing now?
Body 2 - Current Problems (mostly from Wallis) Komen has recently had problems with Planned Parenthood. They withdrew their support supposedly due to Planned Parenthood's advocation for and access to abortion and contraceptives, but quickly reinstated it when they realized how big the organization was for them. Many saw this withdrawal as a public statement against legal abortion, and this caused a huge controversy. Supporters of Planned Parenthood, whether or not they were against abortion and contraceptives, strongly criticized and boycotted Komen. When Komen realized what they had just done to themselves, they granted Planned Parenthood their money again - this brought the church against them. Either way, the Komen foundation had dug itself into a ditch. Many people are wary of the Komen foundation now because of this, among other things. Declines in the three day Walk for the Cure participation could be attributed to Komen's withdrawal from Planned Parenthood, or it could be due to other reasons (Hays). Komen's also had problems with the public