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Good evening fellow students
My name is ______________ and I would like to speak to you about a object that I am passion it. I am a mother of 2 and while I am passion it about my 2 girls (14 and 20) as most mothers are. I have to say tonight I will be talking about my passion with my dog. She is a Bichon Frise which means curly white lap dog. She is white with dark eyes and a pink tongue.
I got her in 2006. My youngest daughter picked her out. She has been a great companion and tries to be a good protector. She weighs only 13 pounds and is full of love and spunk.
I never thought I could put such love into a dog. I originally look into betting a Bichon because a friend of mine said that they are hypo allergic. Yes hypo allergic, can you believe there is a dog breed that is hypo allergic. I am naturally allergic to all animals so I have never experience having a cute cuddly dog before. So low and behold they make a dog that is hypo allergic. Thus we got one and name it Baby, ugh I really do not like calling her that but Baby it is….
She is trained to sit, stay and shake. My 14 year old is trying to get her to dance on her hind legs. It’s pretty funny to see.
She usually goes to the groomers about 2 a year. Recently I tried to save some money and groom her myself. My daughter came home and called her a meerkat…. If you never seen a meerkat that is not a complement. So much for saving money…That is a talent that will stay with the professionals.
One of…