The Importance Of Speech

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Speech is not just someone’s written or voiced opinions but it is also the way that person tries to express his or her ideas or believes using other meanings. Gestures, signs, paintings, photos, etc…are different forms of speech.
Our government guarantees free speech but not that anyone can make speech at any time, at any place, and talk about anything. Then this country could be an awful place to live. Imagine that loud noise from speakers and subwoofers from cars that are driven through your neighborhood at two o’clock in the morning; people who stop you in the middle of the road on your way to go to work just to beg for some spare changes or try to sell their products; and that your privacy is no longer exist consequence of people who have secretly placed video cameras in your home to see what things you like or dislike, or perhaps recording and selling your bed-room-stories.
Fortunately, we don’t have to deal with those headaches; the First Amendment does not protect people from making loud noise after dark, slowing or stopping your car at the intersections, and intruding your privacy. Such activities are subject to arrests and punishable by laws.
The First Amendment also does not protect people from exploiting child pornography, making threats, using fighting words, and inciting to riot. The Supreme Court has explained:
Such utterances are no essential part of any exposition of ideas, and are of such slight social value as steps toward discovery of truth that any benefit derived from them is outweighed by society’s interest in order and morality.( Klotter and Kanovitz
The government as well put some of the protected speeches on restrictions. A billboard is placed at the turning point of a curved road; someone hangs a garage sale ad on the traffic light so other people can see it easier; or organizing a religious assembly to walk through downtown at rush hour. Although those are good ideas to catch other people attentions but they also post many side-effect hazards, like distractions caused by looking at the billboard instead of concentrating to turn the vehicle; other people may look at the ad on the