Speech: Gonna Make you Sweat and Music Essay

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I couldn’t agree with this more, and I completely support what he is saying. When I hear that quote I think about how people judge by looks rather than actually listening and understanding lyrics. Anyone can judge a song by quickly listening to it but it takes thought to actually understand it. I also think about the truth in the quote and how I relate to it.
***Switched slide*** I noticed now a day, all the music on the radio is supposed to be popular. This means a large amount of amount of people listen to the songs. The problem is that a majority of the songs they do play and on radio and songs that get a lot of attention have inhuman, immoral lyrics. All these songs are catchy and constantly played but have a dark meaning behind them. I feel like almost every song played is about, killing, money, sex or drugs.

Technologies have greatly affected the music industry and how people view music forever. Basically music was accepted or rejected based on the sound alone, like on the radio. That was the only available media for the audience. Other than live shows. After music videos though, the image artists presented could make them or break them. This shows clearly that there is a preference for image over talent. That had put many gifted people left out. This is exactly why people listen with their eyes and not their ears. For example, music videos for songs like “everybody dance now” featured a beautiful women Zelma Davis lip syncing, but the voice belongs to someone else. The voice in the song belongs to Martha Wash, an obese woman while Zelma is model material. So Martha’s look is probably why they didn’t show her in the video.

As for lyrics, there are strange verses now but also back in the day too. The Doors was a very well-known band known for the controversial lyrics. There is one specific disturbing line that shocked audiences in that time. Even though the one line seems weird and senseless, it is actually full of other meanings. Jim Morrison sings “father, yes son, I want to kill you…mother, I want to fuck you”. That might sound like a physiological problem or something a crazy person might say. But the line is actually cited as a reference from “Oedipus”. Oedipus was a Greek play and story that was quite complex. Obviously Jim Morrison didn’t want to us to take the literal meaning, but he did have a good deep meaning. He was using Greek drama not the literal meaning in his lyrics. Like music in those days sometimes had ridiculous lines but there was a far deeper meaning to them. Now you will hear lines like “Women full of lies” or “most likely imma die with my finger on the trigger” These lyrics today only mean what is read or even worse. Even with cruel intentions people still support these songs and sing along as if they are supporting it. Charts and graphs show the huge increase in profanity in songs and titles. Since the 80’s profanity has doubled. Apparently swearing is now a trend and obscene words are popular. Songs with negative or degrading words are more known and popular than songs with no swears. Now a day there are songs played on the radio with profanity used 100 times in one song, but they still play it because they changed 1 word to