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Today I’m going to be talking about shapelle Corby’s story and about how to travel safe and avoid getting into a similar situation as she did.

Shapelle Corby is an Australian woman who was convicted of smuggling 4.2 kilograms of cannabis into Indonesia in later 2005. She probably was not aware of the penalties of committing such a crime and was lucky she was not executed. Shapelle got off with a sentence of only 20 years imprisonment but it was said that the drugs were planted and she was innocent but in all honesty I think a bigger trial would have been put up if she wasn’t guilty. Indonesia is well known to have the strictest consequences for drug trafficking in the world and this should be taken seriously when visiting.

When Travelling in Asia there are several things i think should be kept in mind

First of all you should always notify your family and friends where you are at all times and keep them updated on your daily plans. If going to an unfamiliar place you should get to know the laws before you go as they are quite strict . For example in most countries in Asia the death penalty applies for any drug smuggling that goes on. So I would recommend not getting into that scene as shapelle did, even if the drugs were planted she was not travelling safe by having her bags unlocked and these are the consequences she know has to deal up with. Even the smallest mistake like not putting locks on your bags can get you in a horrific situation.

Make sure you label all your medication as it can be mistaken as drugs if not properly signified by a label and take as much information on the medication as you can to prove it is prescribed. Always put secure locks on your luggage and make sure there are no open pockets in which something could be placed in.

When packing to