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COMD 471 Case Study
Rose, 3 years 3 months

Reason for Referral
Rose, age 3 years 3 months, was referred for a complete speech and language evaluation by her Early Intervention program in order to determine if she required further speech and language therapy after becoming eligible for treatment services through her local school district.

Background Information
Neonatal History
Rose was adopted from China when she was 15 months of age. She began residency at the orphanage when she approximately 2 days of age and no neonatal history was provided.

Family History
Rose was adopted from China at 15 months of age. She current lives in her home with her mother, father, and their biological son who is 11 years old. Her father, age 51, holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and her mother, age 46, has a master’s degree in English literature. Her mother works part time as a proof-reader for a major economics magazine in New York City. Because of the nature of her work, Rose’s mother works at home 2 days a week and commutes to her office, about 40 minutes away, one day a week. Rose’s older brother attends a nearby public elementary school and is active in after-school sports programs. English is the only language spoken in the home, but Rose’s parents are considering enrolling her in language program where she can learn Mandarin.

It should be noted that Rose’s parents have friend who have also adopted children from China, and therefore have a thorough understanding of the potential developmental challenges internationally adopted children may face.

Developmental History
Because Rose was placed in an orphanage at birth, very little information about her attainment of early emerging motor and language milestone was available. At the time of the adoption, Rose’s Chinese caregivers reported to her new family that Rose was not yet speaking any Mandarin Chinese (the language used at the orphanage) words, but she was able to produce sounds such as ‘b’, ‘d’, and ‘t’.

According to parent report, once Rose settled into her new home in the United States she began to gain weight rapidly, although she remained small in stature for her age. Her parents took her on many play dates and other social activities provided by the international adoption agency. Her mother noted that since she and her husband were familiar with developmental patterns in internationally adopted (IA) children, they…