Speech: Learning and New Language Essay

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When we are walking around in the campus or taking a class, we can see many international students around us from different countries. Maybe someone would ask," Why do they choose to study abroad?" Nowadays more and more students choose to leave the comfort of their homes to learn in foreign countries, such as United States, Canada, England, and Australia. That is because international study can be an overwhelming experience. It can bring us many benefits that enrich our lives. To me, I also choose to study abroad and my life has been changed gradually . Today I would like to talk about three benefits of studying abroad: Academic benefits, Career benefits, and Personal benefits.

My first main point is the academic benefits. Studying abroad can stimulate your enterprising spirit and desire to get personal and academic achievement. By studying abroad, you can learn good communication skill and teamwork spirit, which is the biggest factor in your success. And studying abroad makes you surrounded by a new language. When you are involved in a world where everyone speaks another language, you will be surprised that you have already mastered another new language. With a new language, you will have more opportunities to get a better job than others who know only one language.

Studying abroad not only bring us the academic benefits, but also the career benefits. This is my second point. If you want to run a business or to be a boss. Studying abroad is your option. By studying abroad, you can get prepared for your career. You will benefit form many unique experiences, which you cannot get in your country, such as, you can learn and communicate with students form different cultural, ethnic and national backgrounds, so you can get many different new ideas and philosophies, which could contribute to you running a successful business . If you want to find a good job in your future, the study abroad experience is what you need in your resume. As you know, nowadays, there is no enough jobs for graduate students and employer tend to use the