speech of mt expericene of going to a HBCU Essay

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Dec. 4 2012

During my time of going to a HBCU my experience has been great, now most people think when I say when I’m having a great time its with partying hanging out all night and everything else, it wasn’t just partying or having fun but I learned while attending Livingstone college , was that being in college is a privilege. And that privilege awarded me an opportunity to get more than a degree but also an education. My professors constantly reminded that there was a difference in me and a different in going to another school, and that I owed it to myself and my community to get an education. And I also owe my school and many other HBCU that I should express I should persuade other African American students that have a opportunity to also come to a HBCU

The pro’s of going to a HBCU is that when you go to A HBCU although you may be thousand miles away from home or even 10 miles away from home. You still have that family oriented vibe here. Everybody sticks together through bad or good. And I really liked that because I know for me, back at home me and family is really close and me going away from home for the first time I knew would be kind of hard but, when I got here and got to meet some really good people I really didn’t think of home as much as I thought I would. And second pros of going to a HBCU is that you get to know more about you history and more in dept, the history that you ancestor did you have us here today with our own branch of school. going to another school I didn’t think I would have known so much history about Livingstone. And also although Livingstone is small it has a lot of history. And last you get to continue the history that has already have been made. From what I have said earlier our fellow ancestor fought for us to have an education and even more they fought for us to have colleges that we can go to.

The cons of going to a HBCU is when you done with school and go out in the real world you running with a different race of people. And the reason why this is a con’s, most companies look at what school you went to, and sometimes that can be a fault. And also you just not are running against the race of African Americans. You run against Asians Indiana’s. And sometimes most times they are really determined and will do whatever they can do. Another con is that you get stereotype by going to an African