Speech On Gender Equality

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Speech on feminism/gender equality

When I was in class 5 we got back our first maths exam. I was a very eager student anmd I had been preparing a lot for that test in order to make sure that I would impress my new maths teacher. I did get a good grade. However, what did overshadow that success quite a lot was the fact that under my grade, the teacher has written with a red pen in his sprawling handwriting: "Quite impressive for a girl."
I remember being completetly smashed upon reading that. Was it only impressive because I was a girl? Why should that make a difference? Wasn't I just as capable as my male friends to ace a maths test?

Ein bisschen Überleitung blabla that was the moment when I decided that something had to change. That being treated differently just because you
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We should all be feminists because we should stop defining ourselves by who we are not but by who we are. A fully dynamic human being can't be shoved into a cage and told who to be.

We should all be feminists because no woman should have to carry pepper spray when she is going home alone at night. Every girl I know has suffered from cat calling. 1 in 4 women is assaulted, and people ask "Well, what was she wearing?".
All over the world, women's bodies are used as battle grounds for wars started by men. They are mutilated, raped murdered.

We should all be feminists because the world should be a better place for girls everywhere.

We should all be feminists because we are already on the right track. 100 years ago, there were actual story titles that said "Woman, a being to come home to" or "Woman - Man's best friend". Far from the stereotypical image of bra-burning activists, feminists have proven time and time again that women's rights are human rights. Changes are made everyday. In 1920, Women could vote for the first time in the US. In 1975, women were allowed to open a bank account without their husbands