Speech: Oncology and Pro Athlete Essay

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Personal Speech
It was a gathering for those fighting against cancer and the speaker was Boston College graduate and New York Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich. Mark Herzlich was a cancer survivor himself. My brother was ecstatic about going because it was one of his favorite players. I on the other hand was not as excited about it.
When he first stepped up I thought it was going to be a long speech about how he survived cancer and what he did. I was wrong. He spoke about what others could do and that he was just a little part of the many things that could be done. He spoke of his story and told everyone that anything is possible and he overcame the great barricade known as a cancer.
He was the first pro sports person that I had met, his speech was very memorable, and it was very inspirational.
I had waited a very long time before I met a pro athlete. This was my first time meeting one. He had gone through so much just to get the point that he was at now. He helped me to understand that you can overcome even the biggest challenges to become someone you want to be. This will help me to become a better person knowing that the challenges that I will go through I can overcome and become the person that I want to be.
This speech was one of the most memorable speeches that I have ever heard. He told the group his story and how it affected his life. He told us how he goes to different schools and talks of the same story he told us. His mission is to motivate people to keep working to find a cure for cancer and never give up. This motivates me to never give up on life and to keep pushing even if the worst were