Speech: Othello and Iago Essay

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This is pivotal scene of the play Othello, depicting the unravelling of Iago’s web of lies. As Emelia discovers how Othello was tempted and deceived by Iago, we observe Othello transitioning to his denouement after his tragic downfall where his attempts of redemption follow.

Through the harsh, almost pitiful tone of voice, we have attempted to display Emilia’s shock turned hysteria after she the deception weaved into the entire situation as well as Othello’s agitation after Desdemona’s death settles in.

Also, the movement around the chair during the middle of the scene is indicative of the parley between Emilia and Othello, like the circling of predators that both have equal opportunity to do harm to each other. The short, often rapid sentences as well as those of jerky, sharp hand and body movements further contribute to the sense of urgency and agitation, foreshadowing the ultimate revealing of Iago’s deceptive nature to the other characters.

The notion of appearance vs. reality pertinent to Iago’s character is revealed as Emelia understands the truth of the situation in this scene. This is symbolised through Othello’s repetition of the word ‘honest’ where he demonstrates the amount of trust he placed in Iago. Emelia then reciprocates this with the repetition of ‘My husband’, evidencing her shock as she discovers the extent of Iago’s ‘pernicious soul’, a situation where everyone believes Iago, but only Emilia knows that he is not as he seems.

Moreover, the use of imagery and binary opposition presents a combination of contextual, plot and character issues such as heaven and hell, devil and angel and fire and water. The use of heaven and angel refers the importance of female chastity and purity during the Jacobean era. The simile ‘as false as water’ presents Othello’s opinion of Desdemona being