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Denis Mercado
December 8, 2014 General Purpose: To entertain
Specific Purpose : To entertain the audience by inducting Fall Out Boy into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Intro:
★ Hello and welcome to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame
○ A night that should be filled with fun , craziness and of course Rock and Roll
★ But I'm going to break tradition by introducing some numbers
○ Just bear with me
★ It won't kill anyone of you nominated tonight
○ You have drugs and alcohol for that
★ But in all seriousness numbers can be important
○ If the all the nominated would have graduated high school they would know
■ So pay attention ➔ There are currently 7.125 million people on earth this day
◆ there are 196 countries
◆ and there are 6500 languages
➔ Due to globalization such as our social media apps and the Internet
◆ we find out every day how diverse we are as a planet
➔ but there is a language that everyone speaks
◆ a language that surpasses boundaries
◆ a language that is conveys emotion more deeply than words
● a language called music!
➔ Plato once said “
Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”
◆ he couldn't be more right
◆ we all love music
◆ its a timeless art
➔ whether its a some heavy metal that pumps steel in your blood
➔ or a smooth ballad to help you fall asleep
➔ or a those taylor swift songs we all deny…