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The Good and Bad of Procrastination
BSU English
Period 5

Procrastination is the action of putting off something or delaying an action. Procrastination is very literally the opposite of productivity. To produce something is to pull it forward, while to procrastinate is to push it forward. Procrastination can lead to problems such as stress, problems in relationships and for some it is a serious problem. Many of us think of procrastination badly, we curse ourselves for our laziness, our inability to focus on the task at hand, our tendency to be easily led into easier and more immediate gratifications. And with good reason, time spent procrastinating is time spent not doing things that are important to us. There is a positive side to procrastination. Procrastination can give us time to ourselves, or time to generate ideas.
We procrastinate for a number of reasons, some are better than others. One reason we procrastinate is, while we know what we want to do, we need time to let the ideas develop before we are ready to put them into action. It’s a form of prioritization and a tool for time management. We can’t do every single task right this minute. Some items are more important than others. “This is the time spent dreaming up what you want to say or do, weighing ideas in your mind, following false leads and tearing off on mental wild goose chases, and generally thinking things through (Wax)”. While some might consider this being lazy and unproductive, by “procrastinating” one may be thinking of a smarter or better approach to what one needs to accomplish. “Maybe