Speech Reflection 2 Essay

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Looking back at the past couple of weeks of being a part of this speech class I’ve learned a lot about myself and the art of public speaking. During the preparation and presentation of the group projects I was able to identify many things I was already skilled in as well as many more things that needed improvement. The group I was in was made up of many people who had a variety of personalities, talents, weaknesses, and points of views. Challenges and obstacles were not something we had to search hard for but as a team we pulled through. Rearranging our schedules to meet up, helping group mates with their slide, and timing and peer editing their outline or speech were just a few ways we came together as a group to achieve our goal. Collectively brainstorming to come up with subtopics to individually expand upon and important points and details of said subtopics seemed to be the peaking of our group bond. Once we all began throwing out our ideas and suggestions I began to notice how analytically constructive and respectful we were all being toward each other. We were no longer five distant students who had been grouped together randomly but a cohesive team. For the duration of the actual presenting I noticed that even though each group had a different topic and personalized style to their presentation there was still a systematic flow they all seemed to share. The best groups were the ones who found the perfect balance between being engaging and personalized with the