Speech Rough Copy Essay

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Don’t you just hate it when, you are in the middle of telling a story to a group of people and one person decides to interrupt you on the most important part? Yeah well that happens to teachers all the time. I hate it. I dislike it when my teacher is in the middle of telling the class what is on the next test and someone has to interrupt and ruin it for everybody. That has to one of my biggest pet peeves, to talk when someone else is talking. Not only is it rude but it shows a great sign of disrespect.
Your teacher is most likely older than you, and shouldn’t have to raise their voice to get your attention. Show some respect. If they didn’t know what they were talking about, they wouldn’t be up on the board teaching a lesson you will benefit from. If you are constantly interrupting them, it is most likely that you weren’t paying attention to the teacher at all. You never know you might actually be interested in what they are talking about and just might surprise you.
Teachers are people too. They do not have portable microphones to constantly talk over you. When you interrupt the teacher, you are basically interrupting the whole class. You may not be fascinated or care about your marks but others do. When you mess with other peoples marks, you are messing with their right to education. I for one come to school to learn and leave; save your gossip stories for someone who has time on their hands. Anything you think is important can be saved for later, if it actually does have something to do with the class discussion it’s not that hard