Essay on Speech: Thought and Ap Classes

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Angie Centeno



October 7, 2013

Many times you make decisions and it ends up backfiring. Like when you sign up for something you think will benefit you and instead it ends up making your life more complicated then it already was. I wish to drop out of AP Human Geography because I feel like it not necessary. I don't need that class to graduate and it takes up my time to do other important things. This class isn't a requirement to graduate high school. I signed up thinking that I wasn't going to have AP biology. This adds up to 3 Ap classes on my schedule. I know AP classes require a lot of effort and especially time. I have a lot of my plate including college now, soccer and a cadet program. I understand that this class will look good on my transcript but I don't think I can keep up with so many things going on in my life. I feel that I'm not putting all my effort into this class and that I could do better if I wasn't so stressed. The way the class is taught makes me think that I can teach myself the subject. Basically what we do in this class is go home, read the textbook and the next day come back and say the definition of the words we read about. The homework see had so far were all based on the textbook. We have packets where we write down key things that we read on the textbook. I can just read the textbook at home and go over them myself. Instead of having an extra class on my schedule I can just teach myself reading the