The Importance Of Impressions On Social Media

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First impressions are really the only impression one can leave on a person. And the way we communicate or show case ourselves only further these impressions. Communication does not have to be an exact face to face.

My way of communicating messages or things of the sort about myself is through social media. I am an internet junkie. The internet is where I thrive and one particular place would be Twitter. If one somehow finds their way to my Twitter they would learn several things about me. One is that I tweet an awful lot which could translate to talking quite a bit in person. Secondly, they would learn that I listen to different genres of music. I am more diverse with music than most people would think. And thirdly people would learn that I am very opinionated, yet open minded.

Like other social media websites, Twitter is fairly public. Whatever I post on there will and can be seen by hundreds and millions of people, so privacy is not a factor in this equation. What I post on Twitter is what I honestly feel at the time being. So it is what I want people to know. There are times where I treat Twitter as if it were a blog or somewhat of a diary or journal. I have a lot of thoughts that run my mind. And I would like for others to be able to see, feel, and empathize with me on a greater level. What people see on my Twitter is what they will encounter in real life if they ever met me in person. I am just as outspoken, musically in tune and talkative in person as I am Twitter. If I am