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Speech 1315 Honors Credit:
-Good morning!
-Today we will be presenting the Affirmative side on “What impact do networking and social networking sites have on society”
-There are hundreds of different social networking sites with billions of users already, just to quickly name a few: Facebook, twitter, instagram, Youtube, blogs, whatsapp and viber of course.
-Just to state a few reasons why me and my partner have chosen to be on the affirmative side is that social networking helps people stay connected all the time, it also helps big companies gain business, even small companies to get well known.
-Moreover, it allows people to spread and obtain useful ideas, as well as raising awareness.
- Most importantly raising money for good causes and people in need.
Just like Johnsons & Johnsons campaigns and not only that but some other bigger scale campaigns that had a very positive and direct effect on raising people’s awareness as well as raising a huge amount of money to actually help those people and not just raise the people’s awareness. And those campaigns had an amazing success.
-All thanks to Social networking websites.

Argument #1:
Social networking is an incredible tool in raising awareness, but how?
Do you remember the ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE? If you do, excellent. Now for those of you who don’t, the ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function. Now the challenge is to either pay a $100 or just dump a super huge bucket full of ice and water over your head. Believe me, it doesn’t feel good because I’ve tried it. Now the main reason for the raising of this amazingly good cause is Social networking websites, mainly Facebook, Youtube and Instagram of course. Now when it comes to facts, based on the ALSA.com which is the official website for this disease, only from July through August 2014, the campaign raised over $100 Million Dollars, not bad for less than 2 month, isn’t it? Now how much is that per minute? Do the math, that’s $1,240 per minute, which means that in 60 seconds, more than 12 people paid a $100 each. If you have a business paying $1,240 per minute, you’ll be a billionaire in just a bit over 1 year. Now what other form is better in raising this much money? Oh, maybe an Uber Driver in NYC over a 100 years and that is based on an article that thebusinessinsider.com had published.

Argument #2:
According to the NewYorkTimes.com on July 17th 2012, the main reason for the success of the Egyptian revolution is the Social networking sites, mainly facebook, they stated. But think about this, What can someone use to gather 200,000 people in the same place, same day and same time in only 1 week if it wasn’t for Social networking, if 200,000 is not a big enough number, According to CBSNEWS.com almost 3 Million people were gathered in only 2 month in the same place and on the same time as well. Amazing isn’t it? Some may think about texting, okay, now how much is an average text to another country, or in