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ピアノの優しい音色 そして、バックの穏やかな波の音が心地よく、あなたを集中状態へと導いてくれます♪
~Study Music to Concentrate by Piano~

Startling Stories was an American pulp science fiction magazine, published by Standard Magazines from 1939 to 1955. Its first editor was Mort Weisinger, who also edited Thrilling Wonder Stories, Standard's other science fiction title. Startling ran a lead novel in every issue; the first was The Black Flame by Stanley G. Weinbaum. The magazine focused on younger readers, and, when Weisinger was replaced by Oscar J. Friend in 1941, the magazine became even more juvenile in focus. Sam Merwin, Jr., Friend's successor, was able to improve the quality of the fiction substantially, publishing Arthur C. Clarke's Against the Fall of Night and other well-received stories. Earle K. Bergey painted almost every cover between 1942 and 1952, equipping his heroines with brass bras and implausible costumes; the public image of science fiction in his day was partly created by his work. In later years, competition affected the magazine's ability to acquire quality material. In mid-1952, Standard attempted to change Startling's image by adopting a more sober title typeface and reducing the covers' sensationalism, but the pulp magazine market was collapsing and publication ceased in 1955.
Each year, the champion of the Australian Open men's singles receives a miniature replica of the silver-gilt Norman Brookes Challenge Cup, named after the 1911 champion and former Lawn Tennis Association of Australia president, and modeled after the Warwick Vase. The inclusion of professional tennis players in 1969 marked the competition's entry into the Open Era, in which Andre Agassi, Roger Federer (pictured), and Novak Djokovic are tied with the most titles at four. The Open Era record for most consecutive titles is three by Djokovic. The Australian Open court surface changed once, from grass courts to hardcourts in 1988. Mats Wilander was the only tennis player to win the event on grass and on Rebound Ace surfaces, which he won twice on grass and once on the Rebound Ace. Federer is the only player to have won on both the Rebound Ace and Plexicushion tennis surfaces. In 2010, the winner received prize money of A$2,100,000. (Full list...) mammalian order Carnivora. The term "domestic dog" is generally used for both domesticated and feral varieties. The dog was the first domesticated animal[4][5] and has been the most widely kept working, hunting, and pet animal in human history.[citation needed] The word "dog" can also refer to the male of a canine species,[6] as opposed to the word "bitch" which refers to the female of the species.

Recent studies of "well-preserved remains of a dog-like canid from the Razboinichya Cave" in the Altai Mountains of southern Siberia concluded that a particular instance of early wolf domestication approximately 33,000 years ago did not result in modern dog lineages, possibly because of climate disruption during the Last Glacial Maximum.[4][7] The authors postulate that at least several such incipient…