Spelling and Correct Acetylneuraminic Correct Essay example

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Term Verification Document

This is a test document to verify complete installation of your new medical spelling dictionary. The words below are a small sampling of the words that were added to your spell checker during installation. When running your speller, only the underlined * words below should be caught as a misspelling. They have been purposely misspelled. Your Dorland’s Electronic Medical Speller should now provide alternative spellings for these underlined * words.

Correct acetylneuraminic
Correct Anapolon
Incorrect antihyperamonemic *
Correct basilopharyngeal
Correct calcaneoastragaloid
Correct calcaneovalgocavus
Incorrect cheilognathoproesoposchises *
Correct cheilognathoschisis
Correct chlorophenylpiperazine
Correct dendrophagocytosis
Correct dentinocemental
Incorrect dexfenfluoramine *
Correct dibenzothiazepine
Correct echocardiography
Correct electrocardiotopography
Correct epitrochlearis
Correct frontonasal
Incorrect frontotemperosphenoidal *
Correct galactocele
Correct galactoscope
Correct hemiresection
Correct hepatocellular
Incorrect hepatoduodenosotomy *
Correct hepatogastroduodenal
Correct hepatolithiasis
Correct hysterosalpingostomy
Correct hysterotrachelotomies
Correct iliohypogastric
Correct immunocompromising
Correct immunohistochemistry
Correct intracerebroventricular
Incorrect intrasynovialy *
Correct jejunojejunostomy
Correct karyenchyma
Correct karyomicrosome
Correct keratoepithelin
Correct laryngopathy
Correct laryngostomy
Incorrect laryngotraceotomy *
Correct levobetaxolol
Correct lymphopoiesis
Correct mediastinotomies
Incorrect meduloepitelioma *
Correct meningoependymitis
Correct mesencephalohypophysial
Correct Mylotarg
Correct nephroabdominal
Correct nephrocolopexy
Incorrect neurolenguistic *
Correct octafluoropropane
Correct olecranarthropathy
Correct omphaloangiopagus
Correct paleopathology
Correct pancreaticobiliary
Incorrect Paracocus *
Correct phenylbenzimidazole
Correct phonocardiographic