Spelling Assessment and Rti Essay

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Spelling Assessment and RTI
Tawana Hosey
Walden University

Literacy Development in an Academically Diverse Classroom (EDUC-6709-2)
Lisa Cline
July 1, 2012

Spelling Assessment and RTI Accurate, automatic recognition of printed words drives the reading process (Morris, 2008). Spelling assessments play a vital role in this process and enhances the development of reading. These assessments also serve as an important tool when assessing the reading ability of students. When attempting to recognize any challenges students may face, spelling assessments are very useful. Dr. Bear goes into detail about spelling assessments and how they provide valuable insights about the reading development of students and goes into detail about
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| Assignment exceeds expectations, integrating additional material and/or information.Assignment demonstrates exceptional breadth and depth. | All parts of the assignment are completed, with fully developed topics.The work is presented in a thorough and detailed manner.Assignment demonstrates appropriate breadth and depth. | Most parts of assignment are completed.Topics are not fully developed.Assignment demonstrates minimal depth and breadth. | Does not fulfill the expectations of the assignment. Key components are not includedAssignment lacks breadth and depth. | Assimilation and Synthesis of IdeasThe extent to which the work reflects the student’s ability to- 1. Understand the assignment’s purpose; 2. Understand and analyze material in videos, readings, and discussions; 3. Apply presented strategies**May include, but are not limited to, scholarly articles, collegial discussions; information from conferences, in service, faculty development, and/or meetings. Outside sources also may include materials from previous Walden MSED courses, videos, and readings. (but aren’t currently being used in this course) In addition, students may refer to the course Webliography, course reference list (Bibliography), and the theoretical