Spice and Rwanda Customs Greetings Essay

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Welcome to Rwanda


Greetings are important to the people of Rwanda.
Young people greet older people first, and women greet men first .When being introduce for the first time, Rwandans shake right hands and may place the left hand under the right forearm to show respect. Young people of Rwanda, “kiss the air” near each cheek, while shaking hands. The distance between people when they communicate indicates their relationship.

Tourist Attractions

Rwanda has several tourist attractions such as: Nyumgue Forest National Park, which is home to Mount Bigugu, Kamiranzou, and more than 1100 species of lobelias and orchids. Akagera National Park, which is one of the famous national parks. Lake Kivu is the largest fresh water lake in Rwanda. In Lake Kivu volcanic activity is very common.


Everyday meals consists of beans, vegetables and meats stews, which are served with ugali, which is a stiff porridge made with maize meal made of corn. Meals are also served with, matoke which is banana or plantain. Chapatti, which is flat bread and rice and potatoes are also served. Goat kebabs and grilled or fried tilapia fish is common. Their food is usually not spicy, but curry powder and the African berbere spice mixture is used on fish and meat dishes. Fruits are served as deserts.

Famous People

Famous people of Rwanda include, King Kigeri IV who was the ruler from 1853-1895. Cecile Kayirebwa, who was known for her musical talent. Immaculee…