Spiderman Movie Sequels-Personal Narrative

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I have always had an insatiable appetite to understand how everything works. This started as early in my childhood as I can remember. I believe I was about five years old when I went to see one of the “Spiderman” movie sequels. I was intrigued, challenged, and inspired to understand how he was able to scale the side of buildings and skyscrapers. I knew that if I thought hard and long enough, I too would have to be able to climb my own walls. My first plan of attack was to climb our living room wall reaching the second floor hallway. I made two big balls of scotch tape, gripping them firmly in the palm of each hand and then sticking one hand after the other to start my ascent of our living room wall. This first plan did not work as anticipated …show more content…
I started my ascent of the stairs holding onto the spindles as I climbed the staircase. It took me awhile but eventually I reached the second floor hallway. I was on the outside of the railing but I had made it nonetheless. I was “Spiderman”. I had succeeded. My success was very short lived, however, as I raised my right hand in an act of boldness, I lost my grip on the picket that I was holding with my other hand falling the fifteen feet and landing in a large decorative potted fern. The pot broke my fall and shattered into a hundred pieces sending soil and ferns everywhere across the floor. Somehow, I was not physically hurt but the plant as well as my pride was devastated. This first vivid memory did not dissipate my desire to understand how everything works. It may have not been successful but it did give me an appreciation for the feelings that come with both successes and failures. This experience did enlighten me that I need to truly think through a process before moving forward and the consequences of poor decisions can sometimes be painful. It also taught me that perseverance does drive successes because I did become “Spiderman” even if it was short