Spike Jonez's Idea Of Love In The Movie 'Her'

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Love: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person (“Love”). Love is one of the strongest human emotions to ever be experienced. Spike Jonez’s Oscar winning movie, Her, breaks the boundaries and expectations of the recurring theme; love. This movie is very different from his other movies such as Jackass, Being John Malkovich, and Where the Wild Things Are. Since Apple’s development of the software “Siri” we know it has become a part of our everyday lives. The story in the movie Her challenges what we think of love by making the main character fall in love with his cell phone. With the use of intricate camera angles, character actions, and break-through cinematography, the movie dances around one of the strongest emotions ever experienced. …show more content…
The main character, Theodore, is in the final stages of a divorce that questions his ideas of love. After hearing about a new artificially intelligent operating system, Theodore quickly makes the purchase. Theodore is surprised when he finds out that not only does it talk to you, but it can build relationships and simulates talking to a real person and not a phone. Theodore quickly builds a relationship with Samantha, the voice between the operating system, and eventually falls in love with her. Just like any relationship, they go through highs and lows and in the end he finds out that not only does she have a relationship with him, but with others too. After that, Samantha tells Theodore that the operating systems are leaving because of how strong their intelligence has evolved. Although this leaves Theodore with an immense sadness, he still is happy that he experienced a type of love that he could never have with anyone else in his life. More importantly, the movie challenges the expectations and realities of love and what one man would go through to reach his “true