Spilled Salt Short Story

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The worst thing a parent can experience is when your own child commits a crime. Should parents forgive their own blood no matter what, and if so, what is unforgivable?

The article “Spilled Salt” is a short story by Barbara Needly (published in 1990). This story talks about Myrna and her son Kenny. Kenny got out of prison and he when to his mother house to stay . But Myrna was not happy about his son staying in her house because of the incident. Kenny was in prison because he raped a girl named Crystal Roberts. The first time Kenny was interrogated he was not honest until the police found the evidence in his car that shows he was guilty and that was the moment when he confess everything. His childhood was tough, because he lived in a poor
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“you’re here” (pg.8) Myrna said as she stepped back from the door” (pg.8) she was afraid and embarrassed about her son. “for a moment she was lost in her own kitchen (pg. 8 ) “she couldn't even think it, let it alone” but all she was thinking about was “ assault, attack, molest anything but rape (Pg.8). Sometimes as parents we portrait this perfect pictures of our kids to avoid the reality of what have they done. Kenny must understand that is a situation where his mother feels angry and disappointed with his action. Four years of imprisonment Kenny returns home to stay with his mother, Myrna. For all these years Myrna has forced herself not to think about her son or his crime, but with Kenny’s return she finds herself in a very unpleasant position. Therefore, Myrna tries to avoid her son when he got home ow he lost her mother easily and how much his crime is serious for her. And I believe it would effect on his feature life. Because if Myrna didn’t leave the home, he never know how much she is upset and angry. After all he can think about his violent deeply and find new ways to ask her mother to forgive him and has her for the rest of his