SpinCycle Washateria: An Interview Assignment Essay

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THANH NGUYEN DAVID NGUYEN October 15th , 2013 From 18:30 to 20:30 8017 South Main Street, Houston, TX 77025 SpinCycle Washateria Business and Management Trader Business The owner

The Interview Assignment David is the owner of the Spincycle Wasateria. Let me introduce about Washateria, this is called the laundry store also. Customer come to his laundry, they wash and dry their clothes for by-self. He has two Washateria until now, so he has a lot of experience in this field. That is a reason that I chose him for my interview assignment. On October 15th , I had appointment with David Nguyen at his Washateria to interview him at 6:30 pm. I was glad to meet him; I surprised because when I call for him, his deep voice made me think he is very chronic. I had been so confused to ready question to ask him and I encouraged myself “I can do this”. I spend all night to prepare the essential questions to waste time to looking for them while I was interviewing. Now I felt fine because he looked nice and friendly. He took me to the McDonalds, he always have dinner at McDonalds for saving his time. I paid his dinner and interviewed him when we come back his business. His time work is very respectable. He wake up at 6 am to go to the Washateria and he opens it at 8 am for Monday to Friday and 7 am on Saturday and Sunday. When he is at Washateria he has to cargo inspection and list the paper to buy them in the weekend because he hire two employees; he want to control his product when he is not there. He has two employee and he separate jobs for them. Like the first employee works from 8:30 am to 14:30 pm and the second one works from that time to 9:00 pm. In their time, they have to watch the store and cleanup it. When he is at his business he always spend 3 hours to check all machine, if it is broken he will fix it. He takes a rest at 1pm to 2pm. Then he do wash and fold for customer if he has. After that he goes to the second Washateria, he hires three employees for this store because this store is bigger and he just has taken this business for 6 months. And it has a lot of machine has been broken, so he fix them until he closes the door. He work very hard and he has passion with the machine. Actually, he tries to fix all machines because of customers he does not want to see customer come to his business and looking which machine is work. He showed me that customer is first so he must had good services and always make them feel satisfied when they washed at his laundry. In order to work at laundry and be the owner, he had to make a plan for him from high school when he is senior. He identified his job for future and when he went to college he took the subjects about business and management. After college he took that filed at university also and he got the MBA diploma. With that diploma he could seek jobs in the company easily, but he wanted to be the owner, he did not depend on company. Then he used all his money he saved from college and his parents money to buy Washateria. In order to choose that business he had to think deeply and he surveyed many laundries to have that decision. First he must assign to that Washateria and work for his owner, he just clean up the store and watch the store; he work very hard and 3 months later he become manger now he just specified his employee to clean up or do everything he said; but he could not fix the machine when it was broken and he let his owner do it. he