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Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Celeste Sanchez
Azusa Pacific University College REL105
June 4, 2014
Professor Martinez-Vazquez

Christians believe that spiritual gifts are given to those that believe in Christ. These gifts range from wisdom to speaking in tongues. These said abilities are imperative when it comes to building faith, helping the church, and extending the word of God throughout the world. Each Christian may hold a variety of spiritual gifts, and none is less important than the other. Due to the complexity of a supernatural gift, there is great confusion within individuals. This unfortunately causes some gifts to go undeveloped. However, when a person is fully aware of the capabilities of their gift, the possibilities are endless. It is important to note that Christians believe that spiritual gifts will help them tremendously in ministry and the outside world. These gifts are meant to be used as a divine tool for helping others and spreading the word of God. It is a divine tool that has been bestowed on them for greater use. "Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to equip His church with power and spiritual gifts so that His disciples could continue to carry out His ministry objectives" (Robbins, 1995). By showing others the gifts of God, it will help nonbelievers start to open their eyes and realize that God truly does exist. Although spiritual gifts are a great tool for ministry, some Christians are still unaware of how to find and develop these said gifts. When a gift is undeveloped or unnoticed they are incapable of using it to its fullest potential. Thankfully, there are certain practices that Christians can do to start developing these empowerments. These include self-reflection, scripture, practice, and leaning on the community for help. If one decides to ask their community of believers for help, a great question to ask would be: "How do I help you experience God?" (Bilhorn, 2013). Learning about how they help others experience God is great indication of what their spiritual gifts are. Once a Christian is able to realize what their spiritual gifts are, they can start letting God's voice be heard in whatever environment they are in. Being aware of their supernatural capabilities allows them to start