Spiritual Health Essay

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Spiritual health means various things to different people. To me it means having a positive attitude toward life learning to love yourself and others, having values and finding sense of peace. It is about being able to trust someone and not being at defense at all times. Sometimes for me it’s hard to believe someone may actually have good intensions and that there not doing things for their own benefit. The past can really affect the way you see things and how you treat others. I am the type of person to hold grudges I may forgive but it’s really hard to forget. It’s just always a reminder that if someone did something once they may do it again. I been working on letting things go and that people make mistakes because the only person it is affecting is me.
One of the most important things that I can always count on is the way my family is always supportive of me. They always encourage me to do better push me because they know I have it in me. They’re the ones that raise my self esteem, they tell me I can do it so they make me believe I can till I actually go and do it. My parents are still together so they have shown me it is possible to have a healthy relationship with someone that may actually last. They have shown me family always comes first and to respect one another.
I believe my purpose in life is to get married with the man that I love, raise a big family have a successful career that I never have to struggle to get by but still be doing what I love. These things are what will make me complete. Seeing my family happy and proud of me, being able to give back to my parents for everything they have done for me. I want to be able to raise my kids the way my parents raised me with morals and values so they become successful in whatever they choose to do.
Spiritual health is also about being physically healthy to me. It’s about being able to look at myself in the mirror and be happy with what I see. I run two miles at least 5 times a week and take care of my body,