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Spirituality and Experience This chapter focuses on the spiritual experiences and the various groups and how they perceive the experiences. These experiences by and large involve a sense of an unseen reality yet these experiences are as convincing to the person who has them as any direct sensible experience can be. Experiencing something, which is beyond the comprehension of the five senses, mind and intellect constitutes a ‘spiritual experience’. Most religions have the same end view-greater mindfulness, deepened awareness of life, or inner healing. Theistic Religions have experiences that are somehow related to God whereas non-theistic groups are focused more on transformation of consciousness. The mystical experience is immediate presence to, or deep awareness of ultimate reality whether or not this is understood as God. They believe in union with God without destruction of self or absorbing into the divine. Jewish spirituality is of everyday religious life and belief. They use the Kabbalah, which is a set of teaching that seek to explain relationship between the eternal, mysterious God and our finite lives. The part of this chapter that really interests me is the Hinduism mysticism really because it is the oldest religion. They had to have had some trial and error before they really got there practice that they have on spirituality today. The first line of the Hindu mysticism section is definitely right when it says that is characterized by great