The Science Of Spirituality

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The science of spirituality: How science can show the connectedness of all of us and that we are all one with everything
I find it funny that I am sitting here writing this in hopes that it becomes published and that people actually read it. I have always been more of a math/science guy that would take a page of equations and formulas over writing a paper any day of the week. That is just the person that I am, a very logical, formulated thinker, and everything I did had a purpose, otherwise I did not see a reason for doing it. However, low and behold I am here writing this in hopes to show people what I have come to learn about the nature of the world we live in and how seemingly unrelated things have more connections and are more related than many could ever imagine. My hopes is to show to even the most logical thinkers, who need definitive evidence and proof before they come to accept something as fact, because for a larger portion of my life I was that person. There were countless ways I planned to approach this subject, and even now as I am writing this I am not sure the exact format I plan to use to convey the message I am trying to get out, so for the people out there that are turned off by reading anything over a hundred pages or so (I’m one of them), I want to keep this as short and to the point as possible and only focus on the positives of the information that I plan to share, as there is so much more I could write to show how even the most unrelated things throughout history can be explained quite easily, and why most of these things were kept hidden from the general public. In the first part I plan to tell only scientific discoveries and the physical nature of our reality and how it relates to not spirituality but life in general, and by realizing a few LAWS of the reality that we are in, you can use this information to seemingly impossible things and make your life much more fulfilling and be exactly the person you