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Noah Smither
Professor John Maddux
EC 1001-052
Discovering a sense of your Spirituality
Spirituality is a very big and important part of my life. Spirituality in my eyes is one of the biggest characteristics of a person that can really tell you a lot about who they are and how they will behave in the world that we live in today. In this essay I am going to talk about a few different topics that really stand out to me when I ask myself where I truly stand within my own spirituality. Who am I, What is spirituality to me, and how do I fit into the world.
I would like to say that I know who I am in my spirituality but to be completely honest I don’t know if I truly do know who I am yet. I know who I want to be but I don’t think that I am completely there. I want to be a great man to be around, someday a great husband, and eventually be a great father. I want to be all these things by truly being who I want to be in my spirituality. I am a practicing catholic, I go to church, I enjoy helping others and working with charity. Although I love all those things I often find myself just living my life and going through the motions without truly thinking, If I am doing what I was put on this earth to do and forgetting to take the time out of my day to follow in the footsteps that god intended everyone to follow. During both of our class discussions, when you asked us if we knew who we were, and when I told you how I sat in my favorite part of

Fairview park looking out over the city, my first instinct is to ask myself if I know who I am.
The answer always seems to be yes, at first; however, when I really think about it I don’t believe that I truly know who I am at this point because I am not living my life every day being the person that I want to be in order to be the best person that I can be.
Spirituality to me means has two major parts to it. One is how we practice what we believe in and two how we treat everyone that we meet in our lives.
I am a practicing catholic I enjoy going to church, I enjoy helping others and I also enjoy working with charity. However I do not believe that just doing these things makes you spiritual or completely describes spirituality as far as how you practice what you believe in. In my eyes I don’t view being spiritual as going to church or practicing any specific religion but more of following what you believe in in your everyday life just because I go to church does not make me a catholic what makes me a catholic is how I live my life outside of church how I treat others and how I try to live my life for god and in the footsteps of Jesus. I also personally do not believe that just because someone does not go to church that it makes them not spiritual I believe that if someone just lives their life following gods path the best that they can and treating everyone how god intended us to they are still spiritual and spiritually a good person.
Spirituality to me is also the way that we treat everyone that we encounter in our lives one of my religion teachers Mike Kletzly once told me don’t treat others how you want to be treated but instead to treat others better than you would like to be treated. I try to live my life this way every day because I believe that if I do this it helps others who may not be in a great mood or are just mad over something to have a better day and then it will

spread to others that they encounter in their day causing a chain reaction making the world a better place. To be spiritual I believe that we must let go of the selfishness that has become so big in our society and remember to think of others before ourselves.
I am not sure if I know where I fit into in this world yet, I know that it is my job and duty to be the best student, athlete, teammate, friend, and family member that I can be and that I have to remember to keep working to be the best that I can be in