Essay about Spitz International Case Study

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Spitz International Case Study
Tanya Latham-Corbett CBU ID 880745
Marketing Management 3301:76
Elaine MacNeil
February 2, 2015

Table of Contents

Background 3
Statement of Problem or Issue 3
Primary Issues 3
Secondary Issues 4
Situation Analysis 4
Analysis of Alternatives 5
Recommendations and Implementation 6
References 7

Spitz International is a Canadian company which started out by supplying seeds to be used in bird seed. The company was started in 1982 by Tom and Emmy Droog, and remains a privately owned company. The company has grown tremendously since 1990 when it introduction roasted sunflower seed as snack food for humans in the Canadian snack market. This proved to be an
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The company should spend some time examining the cost factors related to each of the new product choices. This may very quickly eliminate one or more of the choices. The next step would be to scrutinise how these new products fit within the currently company mission, perception, and culture. If the company prides itself on offered a healthier alternative to traditional snack food such as potato chips and chocolate bars, it may decide quickly that candy coated sunflower and pumpkin seeds will not work.
Any type of food product being entered into the market place should be tested for its appeal to the tastes of its customers. Spitz International should expand its research with taste tests of the new product ideas. Give the research subjects a voice about the product and use that feedback to give them what they really want in the product instead of just copying something that is already available. This is extremely important to Spitz as they’ve set aggressive goals and objectives for the company. To be competitive in any market it takes offering a product the customer wants and needs, it cannot just be an imitation. There is a large market of people who are looking for health snacks and simple ways to incorporate healthier products into current diet without having to make huge changes at great expense.
Recommendations and Implementation
Spitz International needs to collect more secondary data such as that provided by Statistics Canada, Experian Consumer