Spoon River Lessons

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One Life to Live:

Spoon River Anthology Lessons

In life, there are places to go, things to do, people to meet, memories to be made, and most importantly, lessons to be learned. Life is one big rollercoaster, and throughout all the bad times, lessons will be taught. For most people, using the saying “you only have one life to live” enhances their life and gives them the motivation to live up to their full potential. That is also illustrated in a book called “Spoon River Anthology” by Edgar Lee Masters. In this book, there are epitaphs of fictional people who lived in Spoon River. They tell about their lives, if they were good or bad, and lessons they were taught. The theme, “Life is not always easy” is illustrated in these three epitaphs: Mrs. Charles Bliss, Mrs. Williams, and Isa Nutter.
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Charles Bliss had a life that illustrated this theme because she went through a divorce. Part of her family turned against her because of it. “No warmth but only dampness and cold” is a way she describes the feelings she felt in her epitaph. another thing she said was “Yet preachers and judges advise the raising of souls where there is no sunlight” Throughout her life, however, she tried to solve problems and live to the fullest, thus portraying that she believed she only had one life to live. An example of this is when she tried to get counseling for her divorce and save her marriage. She had faith that her life would get better and she would solve the problem. Her believing that she only had one life to live gave her that motivation to make amends with her husband and