Sport Leisure And Tourism 1900 To The Present Essay

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Sport Leisure and Tourism 1900 to the
Present day
3 questions
Q1: Source work
Q2: Knowledge
Q3: Knowledge
Q1 – is not optional
Q2/3 - choice
Altogether you answer 2 questions
1 hour paper

1. Sport
2. Media
3. Tourism
- Leisure time is an important part of all these topics • Both these sources show us different views of Britain at the turn of the century. Write down one sentence to describe society from these two photos.
• Society at the turn of the century was

Life in the First half of the century
• There was a massive rich/poor divide
• 66% of the nation’s wealth was in 1% of the population’s hands
• How do you think this affected leisure time?

Source A – Samuel Edwards born in 1894
May day was a big day in Penrhiwfer... It was a day off from work, one of the 12 you were allowed, without pay mind
Source B – Bessie Higgs, daughter of a headmaster
Before Mama died in 1918, we went for a month’s holiday every summer to an uncle who had a farm in Devon... We would cross by paddle steamer from Swansea to Llfracombe, then go by train to South Molton Road. Then uncle came with a pony and trap to meet us
1. Which source would have been the less well off?
2. Which quote supports the fact they are less well off?
3. Which quote supports that one of these sources is better off?

Wealthy leisured classes activities

Wealthy leisured classes activities

A) Rich people enjoyed a day at the race such as at Ascot where they would enjoy champagne hampers
B) Richer people would visit spa towns such as Llandudno or
Margate and stay in hotels
C) The leisured classes had large estates where they would invite their friends for parties and hunting
D) Women were not expected to play sport unless it was of a genteel nature like croquet

The Working Classes


Music halls
Cheap sports like boxing
Organised sports like football, cricket and rugby
Churches and chapels
Quoits and baseball
If they could get away
Organised day trips and sporting activities and singing festivals (eisteddfodau and cymanfaoedd canu)
They would go for short breaks to the sea side: Barry Island/Blackpool and take walks on the promenade and watch punch and Judy
Were popular but not professional. Their popularity had spread from the public schools and universities
Were popular as they were cheap for players and spectators. Travelling fairs had fighting booths.
Were especially popular among the Irish community

Explain how the leisured classes spent their recreational time (4)
- Describe the activities
- Explain why the “leisured classes” did these activities 2. The leisured class may have gone off to the races, like Ascot, where they would have enjoyed a champagne hamper lunch. As some of them lived in grand houses, they may have had house parties to which they would have invited their special friends and may have gone shooting and hunting, because they had large estates which allowed them to do this.

Sport today
• Write down 5 words that you associate with sport today in your books

How many things in sport are associated with money? Amateurism and professionalism
• Amateurism
Stood for __________ play and sportsmanship. Owners of amateur sport disliked _______________ players as they thought it would
_______________ their sports. Some amateur players were given
___________ payments which was the earlist form of sponsorship
• Professionalism
Being ___________ for playing a sport. Turned sporting from a pastime into a ________. These sports now have a mass
Paid damage fair professional job following secret

“The only real amateur is someone who pays his own expenses”
Vivian Jenkins, former Welsh player and sportswriter “The only real amateur is someone who pays his own expenses”
Vivian Jenkins, former Welsh player and sportswriter “Shamateurism”

Football was the first sport to turn professional •