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Sport improve mood and reduce the chance of depression (“social benefits”). Earn attention and

from peers and adults (ibid). Better attitude to wards authority figures (ibid). Be with friends

and make new ones (ibid). Increased self-esteam and self confidence (ibid). Boost immune

system (“physical benefits”). Healthier body image (ibid). Develop strong muscles (ibid). Lower

blood pressure (ibid). Help relieve stress (“personal benefits”). Increase self discipline (ibid).

Experience success, such as winning (ibid). Learn to deal with disappointment, such losing

(ibid). Learn healthy habits, like staging fi (ibid). Perform better in school, less likely to drop

out,less likely to smoke (“kids who play sport usually”). Play soccer is good for footwork and

foot speed (“why play sports ?”). Play baseball is good for eye-hand coordination (ibid). Play

football is good for agility (ibid). play tennis is good for the shoulder movement (ibid). Play

basketball is good for quickness (ibid). Play track and field is good for the coordination and

technique (ibid). play cross country is good for endurance (ibid). If you’re good enough, you can

play for money (ibid).

Few other activities match running’s physical benefits per minute of activity. You can

accomplish maximum work in minimum time (Brown & Henderson 5).Running is a relatively

cheap activity (5). Everyone is welcome you can share the same race starting line with the best

runners in the world (5). It can be either a social or a solitary activity. The choice is yours, and

it can vary day to day (5). Running is an incomplete exercise. It develops a specialized set of

muscles at the expense of others. It works best in combination with other supplementary strength

and flexibility exercises (6). We’ve compiled a scorecard on running, rating its benefits in five

aspect of physical fitness (7). Running receives a high mark for benefits in body composition. It

is a calorie burner par excellence, increased blood supply means stronger ligaments and

tendons in the lower body (7). Running again receives highest marks for circulatory system (7).

Running doesn’t give your muscles much of a stretch (8). Runners develop the ability to with

stand long periods of work. Running increases the muscle’s energy-producing ability,

particularly in the lower body (8). Running increases muscle protein, which leads to stronger

muscles (9).

The primary aim of yoga is to restore the to simplicity and peace, and free it form confusion and

distress (Iyengar 9). The practice of yoga aims to overcome the limitations of the body. Yoga

teaches as that the goal of every individuals life is to take the inner joumey to the soul. Yoga

offers both the goal and the means to reach it (10). The impact of yoga is never purely physical.

Asunas, if correctly practiced, bridge the divide between the physical and the mental spheres.

Yoga stems the feelings of pain, fatigue, doubt, confusion, indifference, laziness, self-delusion,

and despair that assail us from time to time (13). Yoga is an ancient art based on an extremely

subtle science, one of the body, mind, and soul. The prolonged practice of yoga will, in time,

lead the student to a sense of peace and a feeling of being at one with his or her environment

(14). Good health results from perfect communication between each part of the body and mind,

and when each cell communes with every other. Although yoga is essentially a spiritual science,

it leads to a sense of