Sport Science AS EPIP Golf Essay

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Name: Joseph
Sport: Golf


Skill (4):

Driving accuracy off the tee with Driver – provides good positioning for his 2nd shot. E.g. In the video when using his driver, his second shot was always off the fairway, which tells me that he’s accurate.
Long Putting – Always gives the ball a chance of going in as he hits it to or past the hole. E.g. He reads the pace and line of the putt correctly.
Flop shot around the green – When in a bad position around the green, this shot enables him to escape trouble. The shot means he can hit a very high shot that doesn’t go very far, but stops quickly. Joseph uses this shot when he misses the green to the right, and is hitting
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Coaching Points – Green Side Chipping

Grip the club so the shaft runs down the third knuckles of each hand and place the hands toward the bottom of the grip to get more control over the clubface.
Set up to the ball with your feet just a few inches apart and open to the target with most of your weight on the front foot. This will restrict body motion in the back swing and create a downward strike on the golf ball.
Pick out a spot where the ball should land and begin to roll toward the hole and align the clubface square to that target.
Take the club back using your shoulders and slightly cock your wrists while keeping your lower body still to produce a downward strike on the golf ball.
Swing through the ball using your shoulders while keeping your wrists cocked. This will keep your hands in front of the ball, which will help to make solid contact and therefore produce spin and add control.

Detailed Practices

1. Individual 20 chips focusing on technique/consistency.
2. Distance 5 yards to get correct technique for that length for 10 shots.
3. Distance 10 yards to get correct technique for that length for 10 shots.
4. Distance 15 yards to get correct technique for that length for 10 shots.
5. Distance 15 yards and get ball to finish with 2-meter circle for 10 shots.

Time Scale

30 minutes, 3 times a week, for 4 weeks.

Participation and Progression

Joseph is in the Participation stage, as