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Sports World Professional athletics is one of the most inclusive clubs out there, composed up of nearly 1.3% of our total population or 4 million Americans. This club is no more prized than the three major sporting leagues in America, the NBA, MLB, and NFL. With the membership of these programs one of the most prized careers in existence, its a no brainer that they would also be one of the largest money markets in existence. The sporting world today is made up of the actual organization, the media, and the ticket paying fans; all of these must interlock for any sports league to succeed.

Sports; a living for some and a part of culture for most. The organizations that make up the sports world is a multi billion dollar industry and part of culture around the world. Especially in America with the variety of sports, it seems impossible for the average person not to have a small amount of knowledge of something sports related. The NFL for instance is made up of 32 teams, those teams are made up of 53 players with each of their salaries a minimum of $375,000. Each of those teams are based around a single city, which creates that teams fan base and part of its income. Of course each team needs their own stadium, those can run into the billions of dollars. For the teams to recruit players however, they must draft players from the unpaid ranks of college football athletic programs.

On the other hand, sports media, is often based on the success of the sporting programs. Networks like ESPN, ABC, or CBS all market programs for the average fan to catch up on all the sporting news they’ve missed out on for that day. The sports organizations even have their own television networks. It’s often a daily feud between media and fan due to the constant updates of the sporting world, which means big bucks for the network. ESPN for instance has 5 different channels available with all different kinds of programming to appeal to any sports fan out there, except for their daily show Sportscenter, which includes summaries of all sporting events.

For sporting events to even exist, there must be paying fans willing to go see that team. Simply put, this…