Essay on Sports: Beautiful Woman

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Before there were starts in the sky, there was a prince named Starlet and every night when the moon came out he had to show the people his beautiful face, now mind you Starlet had to do this most of his life and at one point he grew tired of showing his face almost every night so he figured if he found a beautiful woman to have children with he could show them off instead of himself. So he looked all around the town looking for a beautiful woman. Then one day he remembered that there was an oracle he could go see about his problem, someone recommended that he see auntie oracle. Once he got to auntie oracle she told him that There was a beautiful woman on the other side of the galaxy the family was known as the big dipper family so he traveled across space to find the big dipper family. After searching for several hours he found the town the family was in and asked around to find out exactly where the family was. He finally reaches the family and finds out that there are seven women who live in the house. He explains his story to the woman and they all want to help, but he wants to select one. Having time to look at the women individually he decides that he wants all seven of the women which would mean more children to be out in the sky. So months go by and he began to make babies with the women. There was one special woman she was the middle child of the seven and surprisingly ended up having seven children at one time the prince decided to call them as a group "The Big…