Essay on Sports: Black Male Athletes

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To what extent do the black male athletes support or undermine the sociological hypothesis used to explain the achievements of black male athletes on page 287?

Research have found that many young blacks and men grow up to believe that the black body is superior when it comes to physical abilities in certain sports ( Harrison and Lawrence, etc). This belief is said to inspire many young people to believe it is their biological and cultural destiny to play certain sports and play them better than others (Coakley pg. 286). In the figure in the textbook, it shows the racial stereotypes about the innate physical abilities of blacks that have been part of the United States history and culture. Some stereotypes involve a long history of racial ideology that has emphasized “black male physicality” and a race based physical abilities among blacks. It also includes a long history of racial segregation and discrimination, this has limited the opportunities for black men to achieve success and respect in the society. It also includes the existence of widespread opportunities and encouragement to develop physical skills and exceed in a few sports. When they are combined together, this makes many blacks, especially young men to believe that it is their biological and cultural destiny to become great athletes. When they see they are being restricted from playing any kind of sport, they make it their priority to make sure they succeed in playing. Young black men are motivated to use