Sports by Numbers Homework #7 Essay

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Homework Assignment #7
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Probably the most difficult decision in baseball is deciding when to bring the infield in with a runner on third base and less than two out. Bringing the infield in doubles the hitter’s chances of getting a hit, a coach should not do it unless preventing the run is vital. In our situation a runner is on third and no one is out. After researching the situation it is essential not to bring the infield in unless it is extremely important to protect the run from scoring. This situation is unique because we are not worried about the run scoring but we are trying to figure out which strategy will lead to fewer expected runs until the end of the inning. After performing preliminary research we found that if you bring the infield in with nobody out it would allow the opponent to score more runs during the inning. If you brought the infield in with two out and the man was still on third base it would be a good idea to bring the infield in but since there is nobody out it is important to keep the infield and outfield at their normal position. Bringing the infield and outfield in will result in a much higher probability of the opponents getting a hit which will not only score the runner at third base but will create a greater opportunity for more runners to score. With nobody out and a man on third the average runs scored in the inning without bringing the infield in is 1.482 runs. If you bring the infield in with nobody