Essay about Sports: Challenge and Libero

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Sports give you courage and strength to be able to tackle many obstacles that you face. It can be very challenging and hard to overcome those obstacles. Focusing and trying your best can help you overcome the obstacles and learn something new about yourself. You have to be able to believe in yourself to be able to overcome the challenges no matter what anyone else says to you or no matter what anyone thinks about you. I have faced many challenges in my volleyball career that I have had to overcome.
When I was a sophomore I was on the varsity team and I had to prove myself that I was good enough to play on varsity. It was a challenge because being a sophomore and also being shorter than all of the other girls make it less playing time for me. Every time I went out on the court I had to play 10 times harder than the other girls so I was able to keep my spot on the varsity team. I overcame this by working even harder than all of the other girls and spending time out of practice working on the skills on my own. It was very hard to overcome this but I was able to do it.
My junior year I was the backup libero so that meant to play I had to work extremely hard because the original libero was really good. It was even harder to prove myself because my playing time was nearly limited to none and I sat on the bench nearly all of the season. To overcome this challenge I had to work harder than before. After the season I was not going to give up and just wait for the next season so I signed up for the Lucky Dog Volleyball Showcase. I was extremely proud of myself at the showcase and I believe I worked very hard. The next season I was