Sports Concussion: School Clinicians Are Crucial In Management

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Mosheim, Jason. "Sports Concussion: School Clinicians Are Crucial in Management." Advance. 1 Mar. 2006. 7-9,42. print One of the most common contact sports injuries is a concussion. A concussion is a mild brain trauma injury. Neurologists compare it to shaking an egg yolk, it may not crack the shell but one can still damage the yolk. Concussions don't cause physical damage as much as they cause biochemical. Concussions can frequently be tested for using computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging machines; however, these do not always yield all the answers. Another tool created to help identify concussions was the Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing(IMPACT) which is a computer program that takes baseline records of memory, attention, reaction time and several other aspects to compare an athlete to once a possible concussion has occurred. Common symptoms of a concussion include dizziness, headaches, memory loss of the moments right before, during , and right after, disorientation, nausea, equilibrium abnormalities, and personality changes. On most occasions, time is the best rehabilitation; however, in special cases where multiple concussions have occurred over time, rehabilitation is necessary to deal with the effects. Often times, athletes will experience the initial concussion and return to action, just thinking they have a headache, and get another concussion as it takes far less force to cause another concussion if the initial one isn't allowed to