Sports Fitnesses Testing Level 3 Essay

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Fitness Testing Assignment 3

The 6 fitness tests that i have carried out on Alex blogs are muscular endurance, strength, aerobic endurance, power, flexibility and speed. I have safely set up each of the tests that are listed above in which he will perform with maximum effort, each test will test a different aspect of Alex's fitness and will determine how much he can handle or last for.

The first test that i conducted on Alex was the muscular endurance tests, in this test i asked him to perform press ups and sit ups for a time period of two minutes; in these two minutes he was not allowed to take a break as the test was to see how many press ups or sit ups he could do it that time period even if muscles begin to fatigue. In these two minutes he managed to do 42 press ups and then in the two minutes of sit ups he managed to do 67. Alex performed both of these to his maximum effort therefore the results were acceptable.

In the second test i asked him to do some aerobic endurance, in these tests i asked him to do the cooper run around a 150m circuit, he managed to achieve a total of 8 laps in 12 minutes.

Following on from this test he moved onto the speed test, for the speed he had to do 30m sprints for a minute non-stop, he became very tired which affected his results and he achieved a low score of 10 laps up and down.

He moved onto doing the flexibility tests after this and for the flexibility he performed then sit and reach test and in this he got a score of 35cm.

For the power test Alex performed the standing long jump where he would stand still at a line and then have to use his leg power to jump forwards and get as far as he possibly can, all the power is mainly coming from the legs when they spring off the line. In this test he achieved a low score of 25cm. For the final test Alex performed a strength test, for this test he did a one rep max test where he could lift the heaviest weight possible with only one repetition, he achieved a high score of 85kg after doing this test twice in a row as his first test was a