Essay on Sports have a big impact on racial and ethical issues in America

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Sports have a big impact on racial and ethical issues in America. There are still racial issues today in sports, some races get look at differently than others. Ethical issues in sports still big today and more then back then. Issues like drugs, Discrimination, Gambling, and Temptation of the Sports Agent. The movie I am using to give examples from is Remember the Titans.

Negative perceptions of black athletes, especially black males, still are evident in the mainstream media, even though we've come a long way since the racially polarized era. In the movie Remember the titans when there was going to be an integration at T. C. Williams High School the white students did not want that. One white student shot a black kid to pro test which cause a lot of problems.
While it's obvious that racial disparities still exist in professional and college and high school level it was worst back now. One of the main reasons we're still having this discussion on race and sports is that sports are seen as one of the primary avenues out of poverty for many young black males, especially those living in urban areas. Race relations in sports are much better for black athletes than it was 60+ years ago. Before Jackie Robinson and a few other leaders, black athletes could not even take the field in major league American sports. T. C. Williams the coaches and players felt like if they work together and every one sees the will feel they could can too. It could make way for other schools to have integration for blacks.

Over the years, black athletes have struggled in the arena of sports. While there have been great strides made in race relations, some racial issues still exist. Ice Hockey players, who are mostly white can fight, which is an acceptable way to settle a conflict in that sport. Pitchers in baseball can purposely hit a batter, too causing bench-clearing brawls, without the risk of severe penalty or being labeled a